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Adam Read, Founder, Director, and Producer

About Us

View this video to found out more about us


Who are Intermedia Communications?



How long have we been in business?

Formed in 1994, and headed up by our Director and Producer Adam Read, Intermedia Communications are an established and dynamic video production company. We have a proud history of producing the very best films, videos, and animations, whatever the brief.


And that’s ALL we do – make videos

And that’s it. We’re not a web design company, or a marketing agency that claims to be a video production company—while farming out the real work with a sizeable mark-up. We focus entirely on giving our clients direct access to a talented team of seasoned professionals and great value for money.


The Production Team

Built around a tight-knit group that works together closely in order to provide the perfect video solution first time, Intermedia succeeds due to our three core assets… Firstly, our talented camera operators, who work tirelessly to get the perfect shots time and time again. Secondly, our team of editors, who bring your story to life through their years of expertise. And finally, there’s our CGI and motion graphics team, who enhance your film with 2D and 3D graphics, special effects, colour grading, and anything else required to produce a video that ticks all of the right boxes…


Delivering above and beyond

This exceptional level of talent and the decades of combined experience that our team brings to the mix isn’t the full story, either. With thousands of videos produced to date, and an enviable list of clients using them, we pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our customers. We go the extra mile by researching an organisation and speaking to a mixture of people from all levels of the company in order to produce a film that meets—and exceeds—expectations.

We make it simple: Intermedia Communications are the perfect choice for anybody wanting the experience of a major production company, with that all-important close working relationship.

We’re passionate about producing the finest videos and animations..

And with clients including British Airways, Prudential, and Direct Line, we never lose sight of what’s most important: you and your company.

So… how can we help you?


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About Us, Adam Read

Adam Read, Founder, Director, and Producer