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Posted by Intermedia on April 15, 2016


Q: What have singing goats, piano playing cats, extreme rollercoaster rides and instructions on how to change loo rolls all got in common?

A: They all have videos dedicated to them on the internet. The web is full of videos. They make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us feel passionate about social injustice and political causes, and they make us want to buy stuff. Lots of stuff. Whether we realise it or not, the Internet is packed with clever marketing techniques that have been especially designed to make us buy into ideas and spend our money.

Videos are a powerful tool for any company wanting to bring more traffic to their websites, and those who do share videos online are a staggering 53 times more likely to appear in the top ten Google rankings for their business area than those who don’t. Most businesses now have at least heard of the term SEO and have some understanding of how using the right words in the right way can bring increased traffic, and more sales, to their sites. But good written content is no longer enough to win the interest of today’s discerning and demanding customers- they’re looking for more, and video s where it’s at.

Every smart company now knows that in order to stay ahead of the game they’ll need not just to get online, but get making videos to sell their products. But despite the almost magical difference videos can make to a company’s online presence and profits, they’re still hugely under used as a marketing strategy when compared to things like SEO rich copywriting. The biggest reasons? Lack of experience, unclear goals and limited resources.

Nobody ever said making (good) videos was easy- we’ve all experienced the cringey awkwardness of old fashioned health and safety vids presented by someone who’d clearly never stood in front of a camera before and didn’t know quite what to do with themselves once they were. It takes skill, expertise and a lot of time to get it right, and just as much as having a great video can bring more customers, a bad one can do the exact opposite.

Working with a team of professionals with plenty of knowledge, years of experience and good equipment can mean the difference between your company becoming an online sensation and a disastrous flop. Having a clear idea of your message is also important- videos that have been created just for the sake of it will not only be a waste of your time and money but will be glaringly obvious to the viewer.


So what kind of video should you make? With a massive 80% of the top SERP ranked videos being instructional, it’s great if you can use your online presence to tell others how to do something. The web is full of step by step guides on everything from how to change a light bulb to meditation techniques- so if you’re in a line of work which enables you to show off your knowledge or expertise in a certain area that’s a great start (keep it relevant though- you probably don’t want to make a video on Tibetan chanting if your business is selling car parts).

Great videos don’t have to be instructional, though- a strong corporate video created by a company who know what they’re doing can be professional, polished and a great way to market your business. Animated videos are very popular, and if it suits your business, something that makes people laugh is always good.

The key thing is to remember who your target audience are and get them interested- if they’re interested, they’ll click. If they like it, they might just share it- and more shares mean more business. At Intermedia Communications, we’re experts in video production, and we love what we do. Whether you’re looking to produce a standard corporate video or training film or want something more high tech with animations and drone filming, we’re here to help you get noticed. They may have once said Video Killed the Radio Star- now it can bring your business to life.

Take Care

Adam Read

(Director – InterMedia)