Canvas Printing Is Now Possible, But Isn’t The Same As Canvas Painting

Canvas Printing Is Now Possible, But Isn’t The Same As Canvas Painting

Have you ever noticed that current technology is growing and evolving quite quickly? This is particularly true in the printing industry, where things are changing fast, from materials to equipment. Print shops can even print on canvas material now. Yes, that’s right. It’s actually physically possible to print right into canvas material now. This is rather ideal for the reproduction of quite a few different image types, as it gives them a new layer of value.

Given how much printing technology has advanced, there are even canvas papers you can use at home. Premium canvas papers are available with a matte finish and water-resistance that you can put through an inkjet printer. The canvas paper can print out something that feels and looks like on of the older-style oil paintings. You can print out photographs and then frame them so that they emanate a timelessness to them that is typically associated more with classic paintings. There are also archival inkjet canvas papers that have a deliberately neutral pH, and these are compatible with inks based both in dyes and pigments. This material is specially crafted for flexibility, allowing for framing and stretching while keeping its durability and not tearing or cracking on you.

Just think about what you could do with your photographs or artwork, reproducing them as fine-art canvas prints that you can portray in lively, aesthetically pleasing colors. If you use pigment-based inks, then you can be sure that your canvas print will last for quite a while without fading at all. If you put an extra layer of special protection over your canvas prints, you can be extra sure it won’t get damaged thanks to splashes or scratches. The corners also shouldn’t crack or fade.

Canvas material is something that many artists know about, because many painters use canvas as their own medium when they work up their creative pieces. By technical definition from, Canvas Prints Reviews homepage, canvas has traditionally been a plain-weave fabric that was formed out of hemp, cotton, jute, and linen. However, today’s lingo has canvas as more of a generic term for heavy paper that’s composed of tightly-woven fabrics, sometimes even polyester. Also, canvas is quite commonly used for oil paintings. Yet, it’s also the name of a mesh fabric that is used for needlepoint and embroidery.

On the other hand, canvas printing isn’t the same as doing canvas painting. The reason for that is because they use different canvas materials. In the case of canvas printing, the canvas that is used will have a special receptive coating which will accept the printer inks, which of course aren’t present in canvas painting. Artists will typically use various sizes of canvas as a base for their artwork. That canvas gets stretched across a stretcher, or a wooden frame, and then coated with gesso prior to being used.

If you have a great photo that has a high resolution, canvas printing and framing can make a moment you captured get preserved for the future by anyone who looks at it.

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