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Corporate video needn’t be dull! Before any production commences, we thoroughly research your organisation, and speak to key personnel to get a feel for you and your brands. Our Corporate productions can range from a simple piece-to-camera, to a full Corporate presentation. Our camera equipment includes tracks, dollies and jibs, to ensure that the shots we obtain are both varied and interesting.




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Training video encompasses video for staff (internal communications) and external audiences (contractors). Some of our work includes ‘role play’ whilst other productions are more instructional in nature including induction videos, and ‘how to’ video.








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A promotional video differs slightly from a Corporate video in that it is normally shorter in length, and more ‘commercial’ in terms of the style of edit and content. It’s ideally suited for placement on YouTube and other social portals where the key aim is to ‘raise awareness’ and generate interest.






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Explainer videos are our forte. Production styles range from engaging cartoons, 3D animation, and whiteboard style. These videos are well suited to both internal and external audiences.



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Inter-Media can integrate motion graphics (both 2D and 3D) into your production. We have 2 dedicated 3D Studio Max suites, and access to a render farm (to speed the process up). Animation can range from a a simple animated logo, to full photo-realistic CGI. Take a look at some of the examples below to see for yourself.

Drone Filming


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Drone footage breathes new life into your production.  Ideally suited for golf course, housing, industrial and residential fly-overs.  Our team of highly qualified operators replace the need for jibs, cranes and other unnecessary gear.

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