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Drone Filming

What IS Drone Filming?

Using footage captured with a drone filming can truly breathe new life into any production.


Aerial footage can offer a great new perspective for your next video, whether it’s a corporate, promotional or training piece. Drone filming can provide breath-taking shots of industrial units, residential areas, landscapes or golf courses, the options are limitless. Whilst traditionally this kind of filming would require the use of a helicopter, drone filming allows us to acquire stunning content much more efficiently—and at a much lower cost.


Pre-Planning is key to a successful Drone shoot

Before filming begins, we conduct a pre-site survey to ensure we have the green light to do the filming. Whilst permission isn’t always required, due diligence can help to minimise any potential disruption or other clearance issues. Drone filming minimises disturbance to local wildlife, and can often eliminate the need for jibs, cranes, and other unnecessary (and often bulky) equipment, reducing time and often cost.


What kind of footage can we acquire?

Our drones film in both 2K and 4K high definition video, and we have a variety of drones to suit a number of different purposes. From lightweight drones that use smaller Go-Pro rigs, through to heavy-duty drones capable of carrying broadcast-standard cameras, we’re well equipped to capture the right footage professionally and efficiently.


Drone footage will help you stand out from your competitors. The price of this work varies depending on the complexity of your requirement. So please get in touch with us at studio@intermedia-comms.com or Call Us 01584 318469 if this is something you’re considering for your next video.


View this video to find out more about Drone Filming.