Event Videos

Event Videos

Event Videos

Almost every event can benefit from a event video

A professionally-produced event video is the perfect way to maximise the return on your event and make it accessible to those who were unable to attend. Our engagement in your event can also mean production of video content to be shown on screen on the day – whether it be product video, opening stings or other VT content suitable for the big screen. It’s a great way to generate PR, keep staff informed, and attract sponsors and visitors to future events. Event videos we’ve produced in the past have included:


- Launch events.

- Staff Conferences

- Exhibitions

- Award ceremonies.

- Fundraising events.

- Company away days.


Maximising the return on your investment

With decades of event video production experience, we’ve had plenty of practice when it comes to producing that perfect keepsake. Our event films capture the spirit and energy of an event as well as the content of the event itself. We translate the energy, excitement and ‘buzz’ of the day into a video that’s perfect for internal and external audiences. And for fear of repetition, not only do event videos provide great keepsakes for anybody who attended, they’re also the perfect way to inspire interest from anybody who couldn’t!


Planning is key

If it’s for an exhibition or awards event, we work with you to put together a shot list. In addition to footage of the event itself, you’ll likely want interviews with key industry figures, exhibitors, award winners, and attendees when appropriate.


The better we know you, your company, employees and the specifics of the event, the better we’re able to produce a video that ticks all the boxes.


If you’re interested in finding out about how video can enhance the effectiveness of your next event, you can get in touch with us via studio@intermedia-comms.com or Call Us 01584 318469.


You can also view some examples of our work here.