Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

What do Explainer Videos set out to achieve?

Explaining the features or benefits of a specific brand, product, or service can be a tricky thing. Get it right, though, and you’ll have successfully increased your audience’s understanding of a product, service, or feature in an engaging and entertaining way. Here at Intermedia, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce explainer videos that help you get this right first time every time.


So what is an explainer video, and how does it differ from any other type of video?


What makes a great Explainer Video?

Usually it’s a short, animated video with a single specific message, and an equally specific goal: To increase understanding of a concept or idea. A good explainer video should use clear and concise language, combined with entertaining, and informative visuals, to help get the message across. The objective isn’t simply to advertise a product, but to answer the audience’s questions such as ‘why do I care about this product or service?’ ‘How does it work?’, ‘How will it affect me? or ‘What does it do?’


An explainer video is great for presenting ideas, products and services. An explainer video doesn’t just explain—it attracts attention, and can even be used as traditional marketing piece, too.


What style of Explainer Video are you looking to produce?

With production styles ranging from cartoons and 3D animation, through to a video that mimics the style of a whiteboard to really take your customers back to school, we can create an explainer video that will get the job done… perfectly, whether you’re communicating with staff or to an external audience.


To find out how more about our explainer videos, or to discuss how they might enhance your business, send us an email via studio@intermedia-comms.com or Call Us 01584 318469.


You can also view some examples of our work here.