HR and Training Videos

HR and Training Videos

Just why is a tailored HR video SO important?

With HR and Training videos you can keep your workforce engaged, informed, and motivated. Research suggests that regular and effective training doesn’t just improve productivity, it also positively affects employee morale, job satisfaction, and the overall profitability of your company.


While you might already be using traditional training resources, such as off-the-shelf training videos, workbooks and tutorials, we believe that a tailored HR and training videos are a great way to inform and engage with your employees. Video is the perfect way to deliver information in a consistent and easily digestible format to locally or remotely based employees across multiple offices, both at home and overseas.


And what type of videos do we produce?

We have produced HR and training videos for a variety of applications and audiences including induction, instructional ’how to’ videos, health and safety, and recruitment. Our team also has decades of experience when it comes to producing HR/training videos for external audiences too—specifically, videos which help to educate and inform recruiters or contractors.


What format do they take?

An HR/training video might be based around role play, be presenter-led, or voiced-over by a narrator. Whatever your requirement, we’re committed to providing you with the perfect HR/training video solution.


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You can also view some examples of our work here.