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Promotional Videos from Intermedia Communications

The continued growth of social media makes video a MUST HAVE

Promoting your business or company with promotional videos is one of the most effective ways of getting your message across—and with the continual growth of social media, it’s now more necessary than ever before.


Video is the most cost efficient way of getting to your target audience

Using traditional marketing methods, you might already be raising awareness of your company, brand, or product, and in turn generating interest in your business. The problem is, traditional marketing such as print, email marketing, or traditional advertising might be failing to reach the right audience. Even worse, you might be reaching the audience you want, but leaving your potential customers unimpressed with marketing assets that don’t highlight the unique selling points and benefits of your company or product in an engaging and informative way. That’s where we can help.


How does a promotional video differ from a corporate video?

We can create a promotional video for you that is interesting, informative, and ‘entertaining’ (in the right way!). Whilst you may already have a corporate video which introduces customers to your organisation, a promotional video is a useful and worthwhile asset to have, for many reasons. A promotional video tends to differ slightly from a corporate video in two crucial ways:


- A promotional video is normally shorter than a corporate video. Think of it as a way of giving your audience a ‘taster’ of your business or product. You want to give them enough information to attract their attention, or facilitate a call to action.


-The structure and content of a promotional video may be more ‘commercial’ than a corporate video. A corporate video might talk about who you are as a company, your heritage, and other in-depth information, whereas a promotional video is almost the exact opposite. The editing style is typically ‘faster’ and the content better geared to an audience less invested in your business. It’s often used just to sell one product, service, or idea. The aim is to generate interest, not overwhelm your audience!


Optimised for SEO

With a duration optimised for the best ranking (SEO) on social media channels, including, YouTube and Facebook, a promotional video from Intermeda will bring your message, story or product to life. To find out how you can benefit from a promotional video for your company, please email or Call Us 01584 318469.


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