InterMedia – Services

  • Video Production (more info)

    We provide a full service solution for any video requirement from storyboarding, scriptwriting, filming and editing through to delivery of the final film in any format.  We help you produce the most creative and impactful video for your budget; large or small and we will provide guidance every step of the way. 

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  • Web Videos (more info)

    Web videos are becoming an increasingly large part of video production, for both large and small companies. They can engage visitors, help with search engine rankings, build profile and lead to more sales.

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  • Corporate Videos (more info)

    Corporate videos encompass a wide range of video requirements. We produce impactful videos to communicate and sell a brand, company or organisation. These can be delivered in many ways such as on your website, on Youtube, at a sales presentation or at an exhibition.

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  • HR/Training Videos (more info)

    Use video to recruit, communicate, motivate, train and develop staff. This can be anything from a simple message from the CEO to a full induction video or internal launch of a new product or service.

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  • Documentaries (more info)

    If you have a story to tell in a factual, informative or educational way, then a documentary style video may be the most effective way to produce it.

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  • Promotional Videos (more info)

    A promotional video will sell your product or service or company. It will usually be impactful, upbeat and lively and be used as a web video, in-store or in an exhibition environment.

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  • Event (more info)

    Video really can capture the essence of an event, exhibition or product launch. We can produce a post event promo or perhaps a video to show on the day!

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  • Product Videos (more info)

    Product videos will help connect your product with your audience. It will improve rankings and increase conversion rates – 64-85% are more likely to buy after watching a product video.

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  • Testimonial Videos (more info)

    Testimonial videos are a very powerful way of describing your products, services and USPs. We can film these in a variety of situations to ensure they are not predictable. It can be based on a script or a Q&A session.

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  • Presentation Support (more info)

    Sometimes a presentation needs bringing to life. We produce bespoke video and animations to sit within PowerPoint of other style of presentation.

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  • Animation (more info)

    We use animation to visualize complex concepts, produce fun cartoon characters or simply bring movement to your logo.  It can be a stand alone project or part of a film.  Our animators are expert at bringing anything you can imagine to life..

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  • Touch screen/Kiosk (more info)

    Interactive kiosks work particularly well in exhibition environments and as an educational tool.  They are able to offer more detailed information and allow the viewer to select the topics of  most interest to them.  The content can be made up of videos, animations, 360 views and stills.

  • Editing (more info)

    We offer state-of-the-art in-house capabilities and portable editing for on-site requirements .  The progress of your film can be reviewed on line at any time via our secure server.   The final film will be delivered in any format required.  Quick turnaround option also available.

  • Filming (more info)

    Our camera crew will travel the world, work in extreme conditions and shoot from land, sea and air to get the footage you require.  Camera operator, director, sound engineer and make-up are all at your disposal.  Also specialists in  B-roll and time lapse footage.

  • DVD & Blue Ray Production (more info)

    We are able to output on to all formats, including Blu-ray.   Duplication/replication can also be arranged.    

  • Foreign Language Videos (more info)

    Subtitling can easily be added in any language.  Dubbing is also an option if required.

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